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Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 19:00 pm
(year 01 to 02 years old)

Toddler Program

They’re on the move! We have a safe (and fun!) environment for toddlers to explore.

We provide toddler programs for children aged 12 months to 2½ years. As each child grows and develops, we provide the opportunity for safe, supervised exploration in our busy toddler rooms.

At Cloud Nest, we put safety first to protect our families and staff. Visit our health and safety page to learn more.

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Toddler program includes

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Complete support

Support for newfound independence, language, and social skills.

Focus on decision making

A focus on individual growth and making choices


Learning centers that encourage language and reading, fine motor skills, math, art, dramatic play, science, and outdoor learning.

Self help skills

A relaxed environment to foster individual development and self-help skills.

Safe and Secure Always

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and international standards.

About the Program

  • Hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Play-based emergent learning
  • Structured daily schedule
  • Balance between structured learning and free play
  • All activities include sensory, dramatic, cognitive, building, dancing, music, creative, communication, literacy etc. and is typically based on the monthly/weekly schedule.
  • Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

What's a toddler's day?

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Social interaction with other toddlers

One-on-one interactions to build relationships and important social skills.

Learn and play

Materials and media to set alight the senses

Small Group Learning

Activities to maximize prime times, encourage choices in play, and minimize overstimulation

Outdoor Experiences

Time outside to introduce new sights, sounds, smells, and textures.


Group time

Group time happens every day in each of our classrooms. For toddlers, it’s their time to come together as a community, talk about the day, and hear a read-aloud.

Meals and snacks

Every day, toddlers sit down to a meal with healthy fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. We never serve juice or fried foods!

Outdoor playtime

Our classes spend 20–30 minutes outside at least twice a day, weather permitting. Outdoor playtime is big-time fun for busy toddlers, as they build on their ever-growing physical skills.

Toddler curriculum

Cloud Nest - Toddler Banner Cloud Nest - Toddler Banner

Making art, stacking blocks, reading books—no matter what your toddler loves to do or where they are developmentally, we’ll help them explore their interests (and find new ones!) as they play and learn.

Building brain power and strong bodies

Activities like sorting, counting, and measuring things help budding brains grasp science and math concepts. We build their focus and memory with simple daily routines. Teachers also support physical skills like learning to walk or roll a ball.

Learning about feelings and how we express them

At this age, relationships with classmates and teachers begin to form. We use social and emotional skill-building tools like feelings magnets and puppets to help them learn about their own feelings, and notice the feelings of others.

Talking more and more

Toddlers build their vocabulary one or two words at a time by pointing to things and expressing needs. They also engage in prewriting and prereading by scribbling on paper and turning pages in books.

Expressing themselves

Creatively, toddlers express themselves with mediums like clay, and movement and dance to simple children’s songs.

Toddler classroom activities

Every day, our creative teachers guide toddlers through fun activities that are just right for their age. Here are just a few examples!

Homes for Animals

Kids create homes and habitats for stuffed animals with blocks. This helps them practice building, problem-solving, and playing pretend.

Car Tracks

Kids take toy cars dipped in non-toxic paint and roll them over paper to create different patterns and textures.

Digging in the Dirt

Getting a little messy means learning is happening! Kids use garden tools to dig in soil and explore seeds, plants, and flowers.

Cloud Nest - Toddler Banner Cloud Nest - Toddler Banner