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Early Education Program and Curriculum

We believe the key to changing the world is through the hearts of the children. At (daycare name) we are dedicated to giving families and children the support and high quality program for them to flourish.

Our programs integrate the elements of child development to create an enriching curriculum and exciting learning environment.

We offer a flexible program to help children in their learning processes and prepare them for their future through independent exploration and freedom of choice.

Each child’s unique needs, natural abilities and desire to learn are focused upon to provide them with an age-appropriate education.

Children are encouraged by teachers and peers to progress at their own pace and share enriching experiences. Our program is equipped and staffed to provide wholesome quality care for toddlers, infants and children.

Classrooms and Environment

Our center has integrated Montessori education through: A prepared environment, concrete learning materials, multi-age classrooms, children setting their own goals, focus on the whole child and an integrated curriculum.

Montessori education is not a system of teaching, but a method of helping children in the total development of their personality during this fundamental period of growth. The child must have freedom in order to develop his/ her personality to the fullest- a freedom that is achieved through work, order, and self-discipline.

Our curriculum includes: practical life, language, culture, mathematics, sensorial, geography, music, art, and science.

There Is No Greater Sense Of Relief Than Finding The Right Child Care

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The Right place for your child

You want a place where your child is excited to spend time, where friendships are made, and where the world is safely explored. You want a provider who really listens to you, and connects with your child in a magical way. Cloud Nest Daycare supports dedicated providers in creating and sustaining these programs, and helps families find and connect with directors every step of the way.


Our mission is to ensure every child has access to early education that helps them realize their potential.


Our Creative Learning Programs

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Small Group Learning

Activities to maximize prime times, encourage choices in play, and minimize overstimulation.

Outdoor Experiences

Time outside to introduce new sights, sounds, smells, and textures.

Stem learning

STEM learning that encourages future-forward skills Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines.

Fun-filled Cooking

Our kids are gonna create and learn new recipes from different cultures around the world and flourish a healthy and lively relationship with food.


Our Lovely Staff

Cloud Nest Daycare teachers understand that young children are naturally effective learners if they are allowed to explore, discover, experiment, pretend and create in play-based environments. Teachers therefore plan and provide activities and experiences that nurture and develop these natural learning responses.

We employ talented, passionate, and capable professionals. Our team takes the time necessary to establish a relationship with the children. This allows us to provide the reliable and affordable daycare services only an experienced and licensed companies can offer.

Our center directors

Our center directors lead our team of teachers and keep everything running smoothly. Consider them your one-stop shop to answer your questions and get the support you need—at pick-up, drop-off, or any time. Always feel free to give them a call or stop by!


Professional staff

We only choose trained and qualified teachers and caregivers forOur professionals strive to maintain the highest standards of child care.

Care like Home

At our home daycare, we focus on teaching children social, emotional, and behavioral skills to ensure your child's development. We develop strong foundations in education by engaging in Developmental Play-based activities.

Individual Attention

We believe that every child deserves the best chance for success. The small class sizes ensure that kids receive individualized attention in addition to the social interactions needed for healthy development.